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Game:FACE for a Clear Airway

GameFACE-myofunctional-orthodonticsGame:FACE is our positive-reinforcement behavior modification program (inspired by Jane McGonigall's SuperBetter) designed to make your child's journey toward better health fun and rewarding.  The Raphael Center helps you define the "Epic Wins" that the patient will accomplish through the Integrative Ortho program, while you provide the rewards (read: bribes. We're not ashamed to say it...)

We will also help your child define their...

  1. Allies: people or things that help them toward their goal (like us!) (and you!)
  2. Villians: Things they do that make them worse.
  3. PowerUPs: Things they do that make them better.
  4. Quests: Short term goals to keep their motivation focused.
  5. Epic Wins: Where we hope they'll be by the end of the contract.

Game:FACE PowerUPs

GameFACE-myofunctional-therapy-njPowerUPs are things you DO that make you BETTER.  We all need them and they can help in any phase of life.  In our program they are the things that help you be healthier, grow better and get better looking, too. Examples of PowerUPs are... 
      • Wearing your myobrace 1-2 hours/day and to bed at night
      • Practicing a "tongue spot" exercise to learn tongue position on the palate
      • Choosing a sugar-free drink, like water, to have with your dinner
      • Bringing your Game:FACE notebook to your appointment
      • Many, many more.

You earn points for every PowerUP you do.  The more points you accumulate, the sooner you get your rewards (Right, Mom?!?)

Game:FACE Workshops

GameFACE-myofunctional-workshops-njWe hold four regularly scheduled workshops that our patients are encouraged to attend (two each month).  We'd like them to attend them close to the beginning of their Contract, but they can attend as many as you want them to during the Contract Period.

Each workshop teaches PowerUPs that patients case use immediately regarding...

Nutrition : fuel you body with the foods that will make you healthier

Posture : sit and stand straight to grow straight

Breathing : the MOST fundamental of activities often gets overlooked

Sleep : we grow the most when we sleep. May as well do it right!

Parents are encouraged to observe the workshops so you can be an helpful Ally when you get home.  (Big points for attending!)


The Breathing Well Program

breathing-well-myofunctional-exercises-njWe've teamed up with renown breathing physiologist, Roger Price, from Australia, to bring you a set of PowerUPs that will help you overcome your open mouth, snoring, allergy, asthma, and runny nose Villains.  After all, we have to make sure you can breath through your nose as a habit in order to get the tongue up, right?



We will be testing your breathing patterns and efficiency, and teach you how to control your breath to enhance oxygen uptake and stamina.  This can only improve your well being.  You'll even improve in sports!  This also serves as a great screening process for airway obstruction issues that may require the aid of some other "Allies", like an ENT, pulmonologist, sleep specialist, Buteyko therapist, or oral myologist. You can learn more by clicking on the picture.

The Epic Win!

GameFACE-myofunctional-therapy-nj-new-jerseyAt the end of the Contract, we will perform all the tests we did at the beginning to see how much improvment you made in your teeth, your smile, your body and your feeling of accomplishment.  It doesn't matter how old you are, you can always be BETTER!


The things you learn in Game:FACE you can take with you to keep you better for the rest of your life!


orthodontist-clifton-nj-new-jerseyWe thank our patients for the trust they have put in our orthodontics practice the past 30 years (60 years if you include my Dad and Elaine).
I hope this website earns their trust again.

Barry Raphael, DMD

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