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Integrative Orthodontic Results

Warning, Will Rogers. The Salesman Approaches.

Do I need to do a warning about how these results are not typical and cannot be guaranteed? Have I done weight loss programs 6 times? One reason I hate testimonial pages is that they only show the successes and not the failures, and that is true of this page as well. We want to be encouraging here. But you will hear all about risks and benefits in the treatment consultation, BEFORE you agree to start.

What to look for...

myofunctional-therapy-new-jerseyWhile it's easy to see the difference between crooked and straight teeth, there are two other signs to look for that integrative orthodontics offers:

  1. Proper formation of the upper jaw
  2. Correct facial features

Look at this picture of architectural arches to illustrate what happens to the upper jaw. The top shows a "Roman" Arch: big and broad and wide. This is what we try to end up with. More often than not, I have to start with the "Gothic" arch: narrow and pointed (or crowded) on top.

As you look at the pictures of my cases below, look at the difference in arch form. If you can see and appreciate this, you know more than many dentists do.


Our Case Studies

Case Study: 9-Year-Old Girl with Myobrace

Most people focus on the front teeth, but look at the difference in the arch form in this girl who wore a Myobrace trainer. No braces were used in this treatment yet. 

myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-2 myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics
myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-2a myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-a

Case Study: 8-Year-Old Boy Treated with Myobrace

This would not be considered a difficult case by any orthodontist. Braces could have handled it easily. But this boy will not need braces. His cooperation with the Myobrace was excellent. In the final picture he still has 6 baby teeth in the arch, but now he can grow and develop normally from this point, as long as he has eliminated his habits (open mouth posture and lip sucking habit, in this case).

myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-3 myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-4 myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-5

Case Study: Excellent Arch Form Change

Just Myobrace and lightwire expander (BWS) in this 9-year-old boy. Still had 6 baby teeth here. myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-6 myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-7

Case Study: 9-Year-Old-Girl with Myobrace

Next, let's look at how some Faces have changed. Again, only MFO, no braces. Look at the changes in this 9-year-old girl's face after just one year of Myobrace.

myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-8 myobrace-new-jersey-nj-orthodontics-9

Her arch form improved, her front teeth no longer overlap so much, and she can close her lips comfortably over her teeth. Plus, she can develop normally from here. If she were to walk into my office today, I would recommend Biobloc to bring her lower jaw forward more.



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orthodontist-clifton-nj-new-jerseyWe thank our patients for the trust they have put in our orthodontics practice the past 30 years (60 years if you include my Dad and Elaine).
I hope this website earns their trust again.

Barry Raphael, DMD

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